Dear guest,

In the pandemonium of life, sometimes we yearn for that stillness of our existence, when we could catch the moment, touch its silence, and dwell in it.

Amatra does exactly that. At Amatra, we retreat to being one with the Nature, leaving behind apprehensions of the daily rut that we tend to encapsulate ourselves in.

Amatra is infinite. It is soaking into the reality’s inestimable wisdom and freedom. It’s unlearning the redundant and learning the undiscovered. It is indulgence and recreation. It is simple and it is pure. It is Nature. It is promenading and connecting with the 1000’s of years of history or sitting by the marigold fields and admiring abundant gold of the setting sun.

Amatra is a sense of play. It’s the discovery of a laugh, an embrace, the thrill of trying new things. It’s letting someone care for you just when you think you’ve forgotten what that means.

At Amatra, you say bye to the distractions, you prime your body & soul and delight yourself in the exquisite scenery, sumptuous cuisines, and the enchanting experiences that we have to offer. Amatra fulfils for you, for Amatra is unlimited.

Amatra, because leisure is an art.

Kindly yours,